Black Hawk Trail of the Houston Area

Black Hawk Running Trail of the Houston area nestled in Dixie Farm Road Park and branching off into comfortable neighborhoods is a delightful find. Running trails in the Houston area are plentiful. Finding running trails that provide a runner with some basic amenities is easier said than done. Thanks to my Foursquare app I stumbled across the reviews and found it was a reasonable distance from my house so here we are!

Black Hawk Trail Dixie Farm Road Park

It is nice to see trees!

However, due to the short stature of the pines which line the trail and the gully you will find yourself baking as you stroll along at Black Hawk Trail. Much to my delight, there is a fork in the main loop trail we came across that had some wilderness appeal. Tall trees and thick underbrush. There was the pleasant scent of wood and foliage. It was very nice to experience the reprieve from the scorching sun.

Black Hawk Trail Dixie Farm Road ParkWhen I take my kids on trail runs I usually offer a compromise: First we run the trail, and if everyone is civilized and cooperates, we will stop at the playground.

I like when we can all find an activity at the same place.

Dixie Farm Road Park PlaygroundDixie Farm Road Park not only provides access to Black Hawk Trail but also has bathrooms, a towering playground with a supple fall zone and shade, picnic tables, workout station, and a front porch swing. Something for everyone makes it worth a trip and see how it fits your needs.


Check out the Black Hawk Trail Running Rubric:

With an overall score of 29 it is worth another visit in my opinion.

1 low quality 2 average quality 3 best quality Score
cost expensive, charge per individual small fee free  3
trail length requires laps to get adequate workout 1 mile minimum loop of manageable length, 1 mile minimum  3
trail material broken sidewalk cement, grass gravel, dirt, sand paved with large wheels in mind (cement, road material, etc)  3
trail width hardly large enough for single single but easy to pass double wide, easy to pass, side by side  2
bugs doused in bug repellent and still leave itchy, mouth closed breathing carry bug spray, could get on with out it, possibly leave with a couple of bug bites like being indoors, a pretty butterfly would be a treat  2
view grimy, no greenery, no tree cover from sun and wind, no visual appeal in the distance or directly near by visual appeal either in the distance or directly near by, some greenery, some tree cover from sun and wind visual appeal both in the distance and near by, green, seasonal foliage, tree cover from sun and wind 2
crowd (quantity) too many people to maneuver as desired some passing required but doable comfortably populated  2
crowd (culture) hobo community directly off path, rude or abrasive individuals people keep to their self, not negative and not positive interactions with individuals friendly individuals on and off the trail, smiles of encouragement, helpful if needed  3
cleanliness nearly hazardous due to trash, very appealing aesthetically, unpleasant smell trash here and there, minimal impact to aesthetics spotless, clean  2
safety not getting out of the car, too dangerous share trail with bikers, some risk due to wildlife, surprise dark and scary and secluded tunnel or bridge, poor upkeep of trail material or signs minimal risks, visible security/police, well maintained trail material and signs  2
parking sparsely spots available in trail lot, street parking, may have to hike to trail, charge to park adequate parking in trail lot, some hike required to get to trail adequate parking in trail lot, no hike to trail  2
amenities not encouraging the hanging out in any way limited water, limits to any desired amenity toilets, benches, workout section, water  3

So, this is Houston, and in the Bayou City, we are constantly enduring significant heat and humidity. With that being a factor when considering the best trails of the Houston area to get out on especially during the summer I suggest early mornings or a day with a good breeze to help cool you off if you hit Black Hawk Trail.

What do you think about Black Hawk? How does the Trail Running Rubric help you decide where to run?


Happy (running) Trails!




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