About Me and PreMo Fitness!

about me

Hi! I am Priscilla; a mom of three wonderful young people;  with a 10-year gap between the oldest and the youngest. I have a wonderful, supportive man, that takes such good care of me, (and I him). About me and why I started Prenatal Mothers Fitness: I started up after I had my middle child, I had the vision and did the research for the business while I was pregnant with him. I was unsuccessful in my search locally, to find fitness classes that offered cardio and toning for the special needs of a pregnant woman. I had been exercising regularly until the shock of the first trimester hit me hard with a little thing called "under fill". ( where the uterus is requiring more blood and is redirecting from the other organs, during the early stages of pregnancy before the body has built up the blood supply needed). I had no idea what was happening to me, and at one point during a pretty easy going jog, I thought I was having a heart attack at 30 years old. It kicked my butt and really discouraged me from working out after getting pregnant. I knew I needed cardio, but I didn't know what I was capable of, or what symptoms indicated a problem. So, I signed up for a class to certify as a personal trainer, and group instructor for women only, in all stages of motherhood(preconception, prenatal, and postnatal). I applied what I learned while I was pregnant and felt good about myself and the overall results.

About Me and How and Why!

About me and why I created PreMo Fitness (Prenatal Mothers Fitness)  I want to help preconception and prenatal women with their journey to motherhood and maintain their health and wellness during that stressful time. I also realize many of us want to work out after we have our child/ren, but we don't want to be away from our child, or we don't have the support system that allows us to accommodate a workout and the needs of our child/ren. So I provide online personal training so moms can be with their children while they get their exercise on. Of course, if you can focus on yourself 100% for a few minutes you will have a more effective workout, but it's nice to be able to accommodate real life situations and get results from your workout. I realize the benefits of online personal training and especially since moms tend to be on a tight budget, and the financial sacrifices we make tend to affect our health and exercise. This is a no excuses budget friendly personal training service.

I believe in what I do, and I love it! I share knowledge, health, fitness, and wellness with women and enable them to be the mother's they want to be. Tell your friends about me and what I do if you think they will benefit.

I hope you like reading my story and I look forward to learning about you too! Let me know how I can help you! You can check out my site at https://premofitness.trainerize.com/ or email me: prenatalmothersfitness@gmail.com with questions or comments you don't want to post here. I look forward to reading your comments, questions, or anything you care to share!