Also Written By Priscilla

Also Written By Priscilla is where I share more about my writing. I wrote my first poem when I was eight years old, I memorized it and shared it on rare occasions with family and friends. I wrote my first story around ten years old. I filled the pages with words and my "sister" drew the pictures, then we stapled the notebook paper together like a book and gave it to Mom. Twenty years later, After my mom passed away I found it tenderly tucked away with love.Also Written By Priscilla

It is my mom who encouraged me to explore creative outlets as a way to know myself and fill my time with fruitful labors. Check out the other things I have written not just as a blogger, but as a children's books author by the pen name Ren Sanderson and other stories and manuscripts.

I am surrounded by inspiration and my mind is filled with stories, feel free to explore what is Also Written By Priscilla