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Post Harvey here in Houston and the trauma is still blistering and surreal. It became glaringly obvious early into the downpour that anything I have to blog about in regards to fitness would seem superficial and maybe even insensitive. My heart hurts for those who have lost their possessions which provided some physical comfort in daily life and for the loss of emotional comforts found in sentimental items which are irreplaceable. The most tragic news reports of those attempting to get to high ground the number still climbs of so many souls lost young and old.Post Harvey Here in Houston

There is a complete upheaval in all of our lives and while we would love for things to return to "normal" as if there was never 50 something inches of rain drenching and drowning our community it is becoming clear that we may all need to learn to cope with our new "normal".

Post Harvey Here in Houston

  • This may be a good time to seek out the help of a professional counselor, this is more than dealing with a loss of some kind but actually, this is a traumatic experience for all of us here in Houston. It is ok to need help and to seek help in all forms. Learning to cope with emotional and physical trauma is what you need to get you through and towards accepting a new "normal".
  • Debrief. Yes, that really just means talk it out. For all individuals involved in flood water rescues be it the professional or volunteer emergency crews or the families and individuals needing to be rescued it is so important to debrief. Now as wonderful as it would be to connect with those individuals who you were with during your emergency situation it may not be possible, but still, try to find someone to listen while you talk about your experience during such a high-stress experience.
  • Consider your safety, while you undoubtedly want to clear your house of debris and water damaged materials there are some precautions to take. While water is present in your home there is the risk of electrocution, or contamination, as your home dries there is the risk of mold or rot. While moving water logged items out of your home there is the risk of tetanus exposure or unwanted creatures being displaced as well as lift hazards. During all this manual labor remember to hydrate and rest when needed.
  • Watch out for scammers. Request credentials and references, Do not pay up front for services. Watch out for looters. These are the hard core folks looking to take advantage, activate your neighborhood watch. Use nextdoor.com as a resource for help as well as security.

Really, I'm sure you have heard all this before, I just wanted to put together a brief list of suggestions on how you can take care of you and your family during this trying time. I also suggest trying to finding the beauty and aw in natures power. This image is on the buffalo bayou.Post Harvey Here in Houston

This is just west of Sabine bridge, in front of the skate park and playground. The sandy bank is actually the pedestrian trail covered by silt. There used to be towering shade trees between the bayou and the pedestrian trail. I will miss that bit of shade and beauty but the impressive power of the water makes my mouth gape. And if natures power still shakes you up, which is understandable as it is only 3 weeks Post Harvey Here in Houston.Post Harvey Here in Houston

You can always divert your eyes until you can find something to remind you of how things used to be even if just for a moment. I never would have found this area of the trail had my path not been covered by water (Check out the first picture).

These pictures are taken at the Buffalo Bayou less than 3 weeks Post Harvey Here in Houston one of my favorite places in Houston. The Buffalo Bayou Partnership is a non-profit organization and they need your help. If you are interested in volunteering, donating, or making any suggestions go to buffalobayou.org to find out the details on how you can contribute.

Let me know how I can help! Please don't be afraid to ask, me, your friends, family, neighbors, church, or organizations how you can help or how you can get help!

Best Health!


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Thanks to Hurricane Harvey I am stuck indoors for my workouts until Houston dries up and honestly, the sky opens wide a few times a year around here. So, to keep getting my fit on I compiled this list of my go to Top 5 Online Workouts You Can Do Indoors from my favorite fitness experts and the best news; they are all FREE!! I like free and I like to workout in the comfort of my own home at least a couple of days a week and thanks to the professionals on these websites I have come to appreciate my body for its strength and accomplishments towards reaching my fitness goals.Top 5 Online Workouts You Can Do Indoors

Working out indoors is actually a huge market and the videos available are so diverse it would be impossible not to find something to fit your needs. just in case you ever find yourself stuck indoors because maybe the weather is extra rainy, or maybe there is a hurricane outside? It is super easy to make a million excuses NOT to work out when you have spent two days running around town making sure you have enough water and batteries to hold up in the house with your family for the next week and you are glued to the Weather Channel. So, to help you get motivated I compiled a list of the Top 5 Online Workouts You Can Do Indoors.

Top 5 Online Workouts You Can Do Indoors

  1. Fitness Blender offers a wide variety of workouts of varying lengths and all levels. I enjoy the streamlined style they present their video library and the details they provide in each video. These are great for a specific focus on particular body parts or if you are looking to achieve a particular workout like HIIT, strength training. If you are looking for an ongoing routine you can also buy a program. I have purchased an 8-week program in the past and I loved the plan!
  2. Fightmaster Yoga is an amazing resource for full-length free yoga videos. She provides a wide selection of videos from prenatal yoga, to Ashtanga and even challenges to help you build strong yoga habits like her Yoga Fix 90 Challenge designed to get participants to do yoga every day for three months.
  3. Myfreeyoga.com is a great yoga resource with videos from many different yoga instructors offering many different choices to meet your fitness needs. This is a great place for you to get to know the personality and style of all the yoga instructors so you can find someone you love learning yoga from. I really enjoy Yoga With Adriene, so funny and real.
  4. You Tube is perfect if you don't know what you like yet or if you want to change up your routine but need some new ideas. Get to know what you like and the personalities of the instructors. Just type in what ever fitness or any other specifics you have in mind like Zumba, or yoga, or if you need to see how to do a one legged squat
  5. Do Yoga With Me, of course, the site has yoga videos but I like that they offer Pilates. Check out the site for your choice of yoga workout or participate in a challenge. Top 5 Online Workouts You Can Do Indoors

I know there are millions of workout videos you can watch but check out the Top 5 Online Workouts You Can Do Indoors and let me know what you think! Decide for yourself what sites and what suits you. Feel free to make some suggestions with your favorite online fitness videos. Maybe a quick indoor workout is exactly what you need to take your mind off the terrible weather and it's always good to exercise.

Enjoy your workout stay inside and stay safe if you got a hurricane or a tropical storm in your neighborhood.

Best Health!