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The creator of the Mommy and Me class was such a genius! I have always loved the idea of Mama pairing up with her perfect little "mini me" (or "mini Dada") to experience self development classes, usually fitness focused, allowing personal growth as a parent bonding with your child, and provides your child with the opportunity for gross motor development and social development in a safe environment.

There is a distinction between mommy and me classes for child development and mommy and me classes for mama, but always the classes ultimately benefit all involved. At PreMo Fitness we offer water aerobic classes for women, and while we don't require your child be present, we invite moms to bring their children to workout, and have fun! We are ALL busy. Today's women insist on doing it all. What we tend to neglect is our own health and fitness. We sacrifice so much to be perfect and we end up taking away from what is actually necessary.

With Mommy and Me classes - especially like the classes offered at PreMo Fitness we can not only take care of our motherly fitness needs, but we can also bond with our child, while providing  a unique and rich environment for our little budding being. It just gets me so excited! And it is absolutely the ultimate multi-tasking; fun, fitness, and family time ALL AT ONCE!!

When I started my business I truly wanted to focus on women in all stages of motherhood, and emphasize the absolute accessibility to all! I understand not having a support system that accommodates personal time. I understand that small gnawing sensation in the pit of your gut because you chose you time instead any of the other millions of things on your to do list. I strive to find enriching experiences for my children, I imagine I am not alone in those efforts. When you exercise with your children, you demonstrate health and fitness for your child to model in youth and as they grow. It is truly such an impressive power we can only assume will have a lasting impact.

Mommy and Me Classes vs. Real World Frustrations

We all know there are those times where your little mini me has an utter emotional and loud break down. With the kind of expression that compels strangers passing by to not only look (or stare) but also contribute to the effort to assuage the small volcanic eruption you are holding in your loving, and stressed arms. We have all experienced this less than welcome inclusion of others.

The other day I was in HEB, making a serious effort to replenish our kitchen with all three kids there to endure what seemed to be a never ending maze of aisle filled with a bountiful of "no we are not buying thats". At about half way through the store my youngest daughter, who is almost 9 months old began to express her serious disappointment and hunger. Not with crying, but with the loud pterodactyl like screech, that seemed to echo off the high ceiling and shiny floors. It was like surround sound when my two year old son decided to join in, and because my ten year old thought it was cute, she chimed in with just as much volume and enthusiasm as her two younger siblings. In utter shock I stopped what I was doing to gock at their solidarity and wild behavior. I looked around...what could I say? I gave the many eyes a sheepish grin and considered joining the kids with a super inappropriate curtling screech of my own... What else could I do? I reasoned with the oldest, and provided some stern response for the two year old...with no availe...I offered a bargain..."sure you can have that completely unnecessary Paw Patrol bucket"...I quickly ran out of options, and while the strangers tried to console the little screechers they could not be heard over the trio, all I could tell was their mouth was moving. So what did I do? I smiled, and owned it. I know few bystanders appreciated the unparalleled sounds that came from my vicinity. But, I chose to let it run it's course. It was also helpful to fill their mouths with the scrumptious samples we eventually came across too.

All of that is to say: If you do intend to participate in a mommy and me class that puts most of the focus on mom, then there are some things to think about. As a mom we know that not every day is an easy going or carefree experience. We as moms know sometimes children express themselves in a less than desirable way. It will be unavoidable at times, to switch gears and make more accommodations on our child's behalf. Sometimes we can find a way to compromise, reason, negotiate, or appease our child while we get our me time. I always think it is worth it to make some effort to make everyone happy, but when all else fails, we as mothers should not think less of our self because we are unable to please everyone all the time. In the end, do what you feel is best! Mama is always right! And try not to beat yourself up when you do something for you. Mommy and me classes is designed to please and accommodate everyone involved in a safe and understanding environment. We have all been there and you are not being judged for any of your personal choices, so you can stop being so harsh with yourself and be in the moment.

Join in the conversation and share what you think on the topic of mommy and me classes! Or share what you think about PreMo Fitness classes which focus on mommy while your little mini me joins you! I look forward to seeing you in our classes and reading your comments!

Best Health!